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The latest Atraxion news:

No Problem Kit

Nowadays less and less vehicles are equipped with a spare wheel. Most drivers do not know this and find out the moment they run a flat. Atraxion and MAK offer the No Problem Kit (NPK), an indispensable addition to any car. The kit contains:

*a space saving spare wheel*a jack*a universal key*an ela...

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Workshop Tools for whe...

On you will find, besides a huge stock of wheels and tyres, also everything you need to use in the workshop. Tyre wax, trolleys, compressors, valves, tyre repair equipment, you can find it here:

We have spent years looking for the best products and we only offer the items t...

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AtraXion wheel/tyre wi...

Our winter catalogue 2020-2021 is printed and online:

It is a selection of popular winter sets sorted by car brand. The green net price is for a set of 4 tyres mounted and balanced on 4 aluminium rims. If you want to order TPMS, no problem, 120euro net per set of 4 sensors. As in the pa...

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Ahcon Easylift

The Ahcon Easylift has been a tremendous success this year. For this reason we are able to lower our price to 195euro. The Easylift is the ergonomic trolley for tyre changers.

We have a big inventory of all Ahcon products including the classic tyre trolleys. Check out our special deals for ...

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Maxxis high scores in ...

We are proud to announce you that 2 Maxxis Summer tyres and 1 all season tyre achieved very good results in both ADAC and Auto Zeitung tests.

3rd and 4th place

The Maxxis Premitra HP5 and Maxxis Victra Sport 5 both reached Top 4 ranking.

In ADAC summer tyre test the Premitra HP5 (235/55R17) got ...

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Ahcon Trolleys: a must...

For years, AtraXion has been selling the awesome AHCON Trolley.  The most popular one is the standard trolley of 63cm and 120kg load.  We have them on special offer: when you purchase them per 6pcs you pay 39euro but when you buy 12pcs you only pay 33euro.  We have a large inventory right now and...

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