Oxigin and Carmani rims

Oxigin and Carmani rims

The well-known German brands Oxigin and Carmani are now in AtraXion's range. We selected these brands because all rims are Tüv approved and reach a specific target audience. 


The exclusive Oxigin brand goes from 17 to 23inch and has also very extreme applications; 3-piece rims, forged rims (Oxforged) and all kinds of colour combinations. With Oxigin, we now have a brand in our portfolio for Ferrari, AMG GT, Mc Laren, Lamborghini....and the more high-end tuning public.

Carmani (16inch to 22inch), on the other hand, are exclusively 'dedicated' rims. These dedicated rims are specifically designed for German premium brands BMW, Audi and Mercedes with a comparable size as original and where you can transfer the original accessories. Take a look at our Carmani prices on the webshop: top quality at a budget-friendly price!

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