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Slime Smart Repair

Slime Smart Repair

Besides the ContiMobilityKit, AtraXion also offers the budgetfriendly Slime Smart Repair. This kit also seals punctures up to 6mm. The reparation* takes 15 minutes max.

Slime’s Smart Repair kit stands out from other repair systems:

Tyre sealant WITHOUT latex: most repair kits work with latex or foam, which can damage the inside of the tyre. Slime uses a gelatinous fluid that leaves no traces.

TPMS safe: the tyre sealant with yellow TPMS safe icon lable is specially designed to be used on tyres with TPMS.

Multifunctional compressor: includes adapters for air mattresses, rafts, beach balls, etc…

The kit (23x18x7cm) consists of the following:

12V compressor with built in tyre pressure dial gauge

Tyre sealant with Fibro-Seal™ technology (enough for 1 tyre)

Valve core removal tool

Tools and adapters

User manual


*ATTENTION: this is a temporary solution, the tyre must be repaired permanently within a couple of days.

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