Maxxis high scores in ADAC, Auto Zeitung and Autobild tests

Maxxis high scores in ADAC, Auto Zeitung and Autobild tests

We are proud to announce you that 2 Maxxis Summer tyres and 1 all season tyre achieved very good results in both ADAC and Auto Zeitung tests.

3rd and 4th place

The Maxxis Premitra HP5 and Maxxis Victra Sport 5 both reached Top 4 ranking.

In ADAC summer tyre test the Premitra HP5 (235/55R17) got a 3rd place and the Victra Sport 5 (225/40R18) a nice 4th place. Both patterns scored very well on braking on dry and wet surface, consumption and wear. Compared to well-known tyre brands The Maxxis HP5 en Victra Sport 5 have the same level of performance. According to ADAC Maxxis should be able to overclass premium brands.

Auto Zeitung
During the test made by Auto Zeitung over 20 profiles were compared through 13 different criteria and rated on price and quality.

The Premitra HP5 (225/50R17) got a 4th place in this test. This tyre is scoring very well on traction and skill. According to Auto Zeitung the tyre has got a very good relationship between his selling price and well-balanced performance.

Over 55 sizes (between 15 and 18 inch) Premitra HP5 and 25 sizes (17 t/m 19 inch) Victra Sport 5 are distributed by Atraxion in Belgium.

Maxxis VanSmart A/S AL2

Maxxis VanSmart A/S AL2 (all season) got a nice 4th place in latest Autobild, testing a lot of VAN tyres. this tyre was tested in 235/65R16C. Over 30 sizes between 14 and 17 inch are available in Vansmart A/S AL2,

Maxxis is being distributed through our Maxxis dealers in Belgium.

Are you interested in becoming Maxxis-dealer, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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