Brock & RC Design: German top brands on AtraXion.com

Brock & RC Design: German top brands on AtraXion.com

We are proud to announce that starting from 2022, AtraXion distributes the famous German rims from Brock and RC Design. For many years we have had the other top brand Borbet from Germany in our range, but with Brock and RC Design our offer is now complete.

Like our Italian wheelbrand MAK, the German wheels are all Tüv approved and produced in Europe. We have specifically chosen Brock and RC Design because they have an extremely wide range that covers 95% of the fleet. This manufacturer has a lot of‘dedicated rims’ and a huge range for heavier vehicles such as vans and electric cars. Brock and RC Design have a stock of more than 200,000 rims in their main warehouse in Germany, which are shipped by DPD within 48 hours. The packaging of the wheels is extra reinforced so that the risk of damage is minimal.

Depending on the finishing, there is a warranty of 3 or 5 years on the rims. Another big advantage is that the models are quite timeless so they remain in the range for a long time.

View the range, prices and stock here: BROCK and  RC DESIGN

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