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A dedicated and skillful team for every market segment, who are always ready to help and give you a personalized service. That’s how we make the difference!

If you have any questions, please contact our experts, they will be happy to help you!

AtraXion Team


Sales tyres

Driven in everything he does

With more than 20 years of experience in the tyres industry, Jean-Marie is the expert when it comes to tyres. What was the original tyre size again for that car? Where can I find that specific tyre? From oldtimer to 4x4 and van: Jean-Marie knows the answer, for sure! Even for wheels you can give him a call, since he knows a lot about them as well.

+32 3 870 80 95 | Contact Jean-Marie


Constructed: 1970

Fuel: Decaf

Power: 1500pk-1600Nm

Quote: Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned.


Sales tyres

Makes sure your orders stay on track

Karin monitors all orders from our platform customers. She is the problem solver when issues arise with shipments. Karin is also always ready to help customers and suppliers with their questions on the phone.

+32 3 870 80 95 | Contact Karin


Constructed: 1969

Fuel: Gin&Tonic

Power: 20 000 steps a day

Quote: Life is not waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain


Sales tyres

Our (web)shopping queen

Every order placed on our webshop passes through Ann's hands, she passes it on to the right department and processes the purchase and sale of car tyres. Ann has a background in the event sector and knows better than anyone how to tackle and solve issues.

+32 3 870 80 95 | Contact Ann


Constructed: 1976

Fuel: The wihite engine

Power: 200 WPM

Quote: It’s better to burn out than to fade away


Sales wheels

The wheel pope

25 years in the wheels industry made Marc the wheels specialist he is today. What wheel size is perfect for my car, are they within regulations for the technical control,…? Marc knows the answer.

+32 3 870 80 94 | Contact Marc


Constructed: 1969

Fuel: Blonden Leffe

Power: 10 doagen Genste fieste wu

Quote: You don't lose if you give up , but when you have never tried!


Sales wheels

Our wheellady

Véronique is a known name at Atraxion and she recently joined Marc at the wheel department. Véronique helps you in choosing the perfect wheel for your car and is in contact with foreign suppliers. She will also help you with a smile when you need TPMS-sensors, bolts, nuts, rings etc. With more than 4 years of experiencing in the tyre industry, Véronique can easily help you with tyres as well if necessary.

+32 3 870 80 94 | Contact Véronique


Constructed: 1988

Fuel: Rosé

Power: 100 wheels/day



Wheels team

Everything revolves around the rim

Jasper knows every single rim that arrives in our warehouse. He works through the whole process, from booking, stock control, adding bolts and rings, to dispatching. In his spare time Jasper is infected by the photography bug, and loves tinkering away on his Hyundai I30N.

+32 3 870 80 98 | Contact Jasper


Constructed: 1999

Fuel: rosétjes

Power: 42.545/lap

Quote: A dessertje a day keeps the doctor away


Wheel Expert

Mark the Flying Dutchman

Did you know that Piet’s actual name is Mark? Piet isn’t really that old, but he has been selling wheels for more than 30 years! He sends and receives hundreds of Whatsapps daily, about wheels and cars. Piet is obsessed by wheels and he wants to assist his clients as fast as possible with word and deed. In the evening, Piet relaxes by cleaning his horses stables...and even there you can reach him!

+31 619 89 04 70 | Contact Piet


Constructed: 1975

Fuel: Bacardi cola

Power: At home in every market

Quote: A day without a smile is not a day at all.


Sales 4x4 - Quad

Offroad enthusiast

Ennio is our ATV specialist, his job is purchasing and selling all that’s ATV and 4x4! He’ll gladly advise you on anything ATV. Wheels, tyres, accessories…Ennio knows what he’s talking about.

+32 3 870 80 92 | Contact Ennio


Constructed: 1990

Fuel: Appeljenever Ice-Tea

Power: 10 dingen tegelijk

Quote: Love the life you live & live the life you love.


Sales 4x4

Flexible on every terrain

Thomas joined the 4x4 team in 2020 and started learning everything there was to know about 4x4 wheels, searching out new brands, creating products and helping our customers with even the "roughest" requests. Because a 4x4 is often more than rims and tyres, Thomas, in support of Tine, also takes part in the 4x4 accessories sales. Sales, purchase and follow-up are handled as a team.

+32 3 870 80 93 | Contact Thomas


Constructed: 1993

Fuel: Mojito a la Fresa

Power: 200% optimist

Quote: If you can dream it, you can do it


Webshop and IT

There is no place like

And then one day it happens: your computer shows an error upon ordering on our webshop, no worries, Matthias will help you out. Or you want to show our stocks on your website, use our wheels 3D simulator, have any other IT related issue; Matthias is your man!

+32 3 870 80 96 | Contact Matthias


Constructed: 1987

Fuel: Spaghetti

Power: 10 Gb/s

Quote: Think different!


Accounting suppliers

An eye for detail

Tine moved from the sales team to the accounting department in August 2021, and because of her knowledge of our software, the transition went very smoothly. She is an intermediary between the warehouse and the sales team. She ensures a good follow-up of the transports and takes care of the accounting of the suppliers. Her eye for detail means that no mistake goes unnoticed.

+32 3 870 80 98 | Contact Tine


Constructed: 1981

Fuel: Coffee and white chocolate

Power: 300 phone calls/hour

Quote: Yours may be fast, but mine can go anywhere.


Office Manager

Hands-on mentality

Thanks to her years of experience in the tyres industry, Seija is without doubt a valuable addition to the dynamic AtraXion team. Her commercial insights and knowledge will help her lead the administrative team. With her hands-on mentality, Seija will help out where needed in busy times.

+32 3 870 80 97 | Contact Seija


Constructed: 1969

Fuel: A good wine

Power: 1/2 marathon

Quote: "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”



A satisfied customer is the best strategy

Tim joined the Atraxion team at the right moment, we had just started with a new software and needed a good co-pilot to map out the right route. Tim keeps an eye on all financial flows of Atraxion, he easily manages large projects and his door is always open for all of us.

+32 3 870 80 90 | Contact Tim


Constructed: 1979

Fuel: Coffee

Power: 5 table soccer matches/weekend

Quote: Ge ga hert of ge ga nie!

Karin Mahieu


The mother of the group

A successful man needs a strong woman: that’s Karin, Jan’s wife. She’s responsible for the human resources and the entire accountings department. She looks after accountings, salaries, working hours, company safety regulations,… Karin is a good friend and the mother of the group.

+32 3 870 80 97 | Contact Karin Mahieu


Constructed: 1971

Fuel: My coffee

Power: 540 pk

Quote: Carpe diem.

Jan Van hoolst


Atraxion’s sheperd

Jan is the passionate founder and manager of Atraxion. He founded the company in 1995 and works devotedly day and night in the company. He has an extensive car knowledge, but he excels in 4x4, old-timers and those ‘special cases’. Everything is passion: the relation with our clients and suppliers, the interaction with employees, the brands we distribute,… . Finally Jan is also our shepherd, he watches over us and sees to it we love going to work every day.

+32 3 870 80 91 | Contact Jan Van hoolst


Constructed: 1970

Fuel: Brunello

Power: 3 kinderen binnen de 5 jaar

Quote: If you aren't doing what you love you are wasting your time!


TPMS expert - Sensor Doctor

The oldest, but the wisest

Jean has been active in the car industry for more than 30 years. He is our independent representative, who visits clients and informs them about our extensive webshop. Jean is a walking encyclopedia concerning car models. In recent years, he applied himself to tyres and wheels accessories: spare wheels kits, Trax balance weight, nuts, rings,... and especially TPMS valves are his area of expertise.

+32 474 70 35 47 | Contact Jean


Constructed: 1956

Fuel: Havana cigar

Power: 40 years of car experience

Quote: Wise in his way and not yet that grey.



Eye for detail

Kevin is our warehouse responsible for tyres and accessories. He checks, books and processes everything that arrives. Together with his colleagues, he packs your goods and ensures that they reach you as quickly as possible. With his eye for detail, Kevin makes sure that everything is processed as it should be.

+32 3 870 80 98 | Contact Kevin


Constructed: 1988

Fuel: Ice tea

Power: 200 tyres/hour

Quote: Life is too short to drive boring cars




Sammy is responsible in our extra warehouse where we store all quad/ATV articles. Sammy makes sure that everything is neatly unpacked and sent to our customers. As a jack-of-all-trades, he also helps in the other warehouses with order picking and he is happy to mount a new set on your car.

+32 3 870 80 98 | Contact Sammy


Constructed: 1991

Fuel: Ice-Tea

Power: 4 cars/hour

Quote: Be yourself, there are enough others.



A phenomenal memory

Jonas assists Kevin in the tyre department, he has a phenomenal memory and rushes through our corridors to pick and send all your ordered tyres. We can always count on Jonas.

+32 3 870 80 98 | Contact Jonas


Constructed: 1994

Fuel: Ice tea

Power: 4 scans/sec

Quote: The best way out is always through


Bon vivant

Life in the brewery

Last but certainly not least: our dearest Kazou, the apple of Jan and Karin's eye. When she is around, the hustle and bustle seems just that little bit more bearable. She is simply the happiest sunshine in our company.

+32 3 870 80 90 | Contact Kazou


Constructed: 2011

Fuel: Speculaas biscuits

Power: 5 paws/biscuit

Quote: Woof woof