This page has been changed on September 21,2020

This copyright statement is part of the General conditions, and linked to the Privacy policy.

ATRAXION strives for a great user experience. That's why we offer you a modern, fast and user-friendly webshop.

In order to achieve this, we are continually improving our webshop. We do not use specific “sales software”, so we can always provide the best and most appropriate solution.

This involves a big investment. Therefore it is logical that we protect this investment, especially in the interest of our customers. This page explains what kind of protection is applicable to the shop.

Ownership and general copyright

With the term "webshop" we mean the sum of (non-exhaustive lists):

together called "information".

The webshop is owned by ATRAXION, and is as a whole protected by copyright. Unless stated otherwise, all information you find on this website is considered all rights reserved to ATRAXION. This applies to as well as every page and subdomain, for example en, and https:// (=SSL) variants.

Total or partial acquisition, placement on other sites, copying or reproduction in any manner and / or commercial use of this information is not permitted, unless an explicit written consent has been given by ATRAXION.

Links to the webshop and its pages are allowed, though we ask you to inform ATRAXION.

Use of the site

It is forbidden using this site in any other manner than manually, with a normal legitimate web browser. Nor may scripts be used to circumvent the normal functioning of the webshop, and thus interrogate the webserver of ATRAXION or sending information to the webshop.

Use of code and stylesheets

Our webshop uses javascript and stylesheets. Unless otherwise specified, these files are also protected under the copyright of ATRAXION. It is forbidden to decode these files, copying or spreading them, or imitating the functions using reverse engineering. These files may only be used in the context of the webshop itself, in particular using legitimate browsers.

Use of information

ATRAXION invests a lot of time and money to provide correct, complete and clear information about articles and vehicles. Therefore it is logical that this information is intended for the purposes of the webshop.

Collecting and using article or vehicle information for any other purpose, is strictly forbidden.

Crawlers and other search methods

It is not allowed to collect data from the webshop using automated systems. Neither is it allowed to collect information for other purposes other than for which the webshop was built, namely to guide and inform interested (potential) customers about the purchase of products.

No scripts may be used to search for all articles or a large part of the articles, nor may hired workers be used to collect this information. This also counts for vehicle information, and any other type of information.

The only exception is legitimate crawling of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.