This page has been changed on May 25, 2018

This privacy policy applies to the services of Atraxion, is part of the General conditions, and linked to the Copyright statement.

We are aware of the fact that you have confidence in us. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to protect your privacy.

On this page we will explain which data we collect when you use our webshop, why we use it and how we improve your user experience with this knowledge. So you can understand exactly how we work.

You should be aware that Atraxion is not responsible for privacy practices of other sites and resources. By using this webshop, you do accept the privacy policy.

Atraxion respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you give us will be treated confidentially.

Which information do we collect?

Atraxion collects personal information in the context of sales. With personal information we mean information that makes your identifiable, such as your email address, name, or address.

Certain data are purely administrative meant, for example, support or further administrative processing of orders.

Other data are of a technical nature for processing orders, for example, your username and email. Or for specific support with your browser, computer or network when you have problems with our webshop.

We also collect your IP address and the communication between your browser and the webshop. This allows us to adapt the shop per country, and offer support when problems arise. We can also analyse suspicious activity.

If you're not logged in, the registered data is limited to the IP address and the communication with the shop.

Why do we use this information?

To offer you the best service. We support you wherever possible in finding the right products or during the processing of an order, or for invoicing and payment.

To show new products or promotions. We use mailing lists. You can always unsubscribe when you do not want a specific mailing. Below every mailing you will find the opportunity to unsubscribe.

In order to constantly improve our services. Based on your experience and your communication with the shop, we can tailor our services to your needs, and learn what we can do even better than today.

Because you are not a number for us. We strive for the highest satisfaction of our customers. Therefore Atraxion goes for a distinctly personal approach for our webshop. Of course we use your name and email to communicate with you.

It is possible that we save your communication so that we can help you better.

We are not an anonymous company with an anonymous online shop. Our staff is always personally available to help you.

How do we guarantee your privacy?

Everything is stored on secure servers of Atraxion or a dedicated third party. Passwords are stored in encrypted form. We are not able to decrypt those passwords.

We do not give or sell data to other parties, unless it is required by law or court order.

We do follow the European rules and Belgian privacy laws very strictly.


The webshop uses "cookies" (little text files stored on your computer). These cookies only contain a reference without meaning, the real data are stored on our servers for security reasons.

We use this information in order to see how you use our webshop, to report on webshop activity and offer other services regarding the webshop and internet use.

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies. You may alter this behaviour, though without cookies you can only use our webshop anonymously. We have to know if you are logged in, for which we use a cookie.

Google Analytics

Purely for statistical reasons, we use Google Analytics on an anonymous base. We can use this data to analyse and improve our webshop, fix possible bugs and monitor the performance.


By agreeing to our sales contract, you hereby give permission to ATRAXION bvba to use and process your personal data even after you should end the sales contract, because this information is vital to our sales administration. ATRAXION bvba commits itself to respect your privacy when processing and using your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, as stated on the 4th of May 2016.